Recording In Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

In this Logic Pro Beginner Guide tutorial, you’ll learn how to record audio and MIDI, record comp takes, change the project sample rate, tempo, metronome settings, and more.

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  1. Great tutorial, simple, to the point, and exactly what I need now that I have “Logic Pro” and need to learn the basics. I have a strong passion for music and want to move onto making electronic music. I feel that in months to come I will be able to do so! I am also thinking of getting “Bias Peak Pro” soon because I heard that it is a great audio editor. Do you think it is a powerful editor and do you use it?

    1. Thanks! Glad it helped. I’ve used Peak 5 a lot. Not so much these days, though. Still, great app with lots of great reviews. I have no problem recommending it.

  2. Hi graham, im a new subscriber to your site and was wondering if you had any tutorials on Mastering finished tracks . Cant seem to find any . Or if not do you have any basic pointers you could throw my way regarding the mastering process as im scoring a friends movie and would like to get these songs out asap . thanks

    1. Welcome aboard, Aaron! The big thing with mastering is the room. If you’re having trouble translating your mixes to many systems, it’s definitely your room. Also, it’s give and take. It will never sound the same from one system to another as it does through your own setup. But if you can at least hear everything and it’s balanced, you’re in a very good place.

      The best place to start is to pull up some of the mastering channel strip presets on your master output. They usually include a multi-band compressor, a limiter, an EQ, and some meters for analyzing. After that it’s all about your ears.

      You’ll probably never get a professional level master from a project studio. It’s wise to do the best you can and send it to a professional mastering studio. Of course it only makes sense to do that if you have the budget and you plan on making that money back with the sale of your music.

      Still, you can improve your mastering chops and print your own CDs or at least get some really decent recording ready for duplication. It just takes a lot of experience.

      I know that just put out a mastering video series on Logic. I bought it but haven’t watched it yet. I’m sure it’s good.

  3. I need to know how to compress my vocals so they can sound better pls get back to me as soon as you can thanx

  4. Hey Graham-

    I’m a first timer in every way – and I’ve got 2 simple questions:

    #1- I’m assuming that the “beginning” for me is starting with the “Beginning Series” yes? I searched around and didn’t see a “Start Here If You Are a Beginner”. Love some direction please.

    #2- I’ve watched your video above and I’m trying to duplicate every one of your steps and so far I’ve been successful – ACCEPT for the part about “Cycle Mode”.

    For some reason after it loops back to “Take 2” for instance – it’s automatically playing my first take and when I try and play over it it’s seeming to try and replace my first take with what I play during the second take and when I stop the recording I’m not getting the “down arrow” to see the other takes. I’m sure this is just a settings issue but it’s frustrating as I’ve got no clue as to what setting I need to turn on/off.

    I’m sooo hoping that this gets to you or someone who can help me continue making progress with confidence.

    Thanks man!


  5. Graham! Thank you man! You fixed my problem in less than 5 seconds. After making the post I started reading the help section and spent 90 minutes searching for the answer!

    This is the smartest investment!

    I paid a “music coach’ $900 for 6 sessions and I’ve learned more from you and your videos in 2 hours than I’ve learned in 15 hours with my coach!

    What an expensive lesson for me ­čÖé

    So glad I found you guys!

    Thanks again!

    (San Diego)

  6. Hi there! Greetings from Poland. Just switching from Qubase 4. I thought it would be more difficult. Your tutorials are really helpful. Up till now, it is going well – only a great experiences. Right now, looking for the right way to select only a part of chosen region (to apply some edits). Is there a way of doing it, or should I split (or use scissors) to create a new region out of the old one – on which I want to work?

    1. Happy we’re helping. Try using the marquee tool. Scissors will also do the trick.

  7. Hello,,,
    Greetings from Africa, Uganda,,, ahhh am too happy for i have seen this en watched it, really its helpful to me coz i have been this problem with my production skill, where i was just using fl studio but happy that i now have a hint about this logic pro. good time
    Bigrock Victor

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