The Logical Drummer

The Logical DrummerNow you can discover how to program realistic drums and put some life into your music!

This 5-part tutorial on drum programming will show you how to pull the perfect beat from Logic Studio. While centered around rock drumming and using Native Instrument's Battery 3, this tutorial can be applied to programming realistic drums in other genres of music and software instruments.

Here's what you'll learn in The Logical Drummer:

Part 1: Overview, Setup, and Organization (15:06)

  • How to integrate third party software, like Native Instrument's Battery 3
  • How to set up a multiple mic kit for flexibility in mixing
  • How to mix with a multi-output instrument
  • Arrange window and Mixer organization tips
  • How to mix in groups

Part 2: Setup, Organization, and Mixing (14:50)

  • How to set up NI Battery 3 so individual kit pieces can go into the logic arrange window
  • How to set up a drum kit with multiple outs and apply different effects on each of the drum elements

Part 3: Sequencing Drums with a Multi-Timbral Software Instrument (26:35)

  • Controlling battery with multi-timbral software instrument
  • Audio routing tips
  • How to improve quantize with extended parameters like quantize strength
  • How to use the Transform Humanize Function
  • Hyper draw tips

Part 4: Sequencing Drums with the Hyper Editor (36:31)

  • Sequencing tips when using single software instruments
  • How to set up a mapped instrument in the environment
  • How to sequence drums using the Hyper Editor
  • Environment tips, like the MIDI thru tool
  • More quantize tips

Part 5: Creating Realistic Drum Parts (27:07)

  • How to sequence rolls, flams, and roughs
  • More tips for the Transform Humanize Function
  • Recording techniques like auto-punch, creating take folders, and cycle mode
  • Hyper editor tips
  • Automation techniques

The Logical Drummer, designed by David Nunez, is sure to give you hard-hitting information and inspiration.

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13 thoughts on “The Logical Drummer

  1. Hello graham how’s it going? Well i recently purchased logic pro studio and I’m having trouble getting sounds from reason into logic, what do i need to do? I wish i had a manual.

    1. No manual? Check your email for my comment (Keeping this thread on topic about The Logical Drummer).

  2. Fantastic! Clear, concise instruction, haven’t even bothered looking at the Battery 3 manual/documentation yet as I’ve learned so much from these tutorials. Many thanks Graham please also pass on my thanks to David.

  3. If I pay the $27 for the year membership do I get to watch the Logical Drummer as well as all the other videos you have to offer? Or is Logical Drummer separate from the membership?


    1. It’s an additional course that we offer.

  4. how can i download my logical drums software? i was unable to download due to lack of time

    1. Check your email, Seth. I sent you the info.

  5. hello,
    Con you apply the same concepts with ultrabeat although concepts are demonstrated with battery 3?

  6. HI Graham
    Do you have specific instructions on how to use rms stylus or ez drummer in multi mode with Logic pro 9? Im not seeming to be able to automate each track separately. When i change volume on midi ch1 all the volumes change for each following track. The tutorial on rmx is logic 7 and im not seeing how do it on Logic pro 9. Any help appreciated.!

    1. I’m not sure about RMX. But I know that you can’t automate the EZDrummer mixer. You have to run it as multi-output and then you can probably automate it that way. i’ll test this for you tomorrow and get back to you.

    2. You can automate EZ Drummer in multi-output mode. First choose the multi-output version of the instrument. Then, in the mixer, click the + sign on the channel strip (It’s on the right above the track name). You can have up to 8 stereo pairs. Then turn automation on to whatever mode you want to use. You’ll see new tracks pop up in the arrange window also so you can edit your automation.

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