Navigating Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

In this Beginner Guide tutorial, you’ll learn multiple ways to navigate Logic Pro, how to undo your mistakes, and various ways of selecting tracks and regions.

Creating Markers

Here’s a tip for quickly and easily creating and naming markers throughout your Logic Pro projects. Never disrupt your workflow again!

Nudging Regions

Learn shortcuts for quickly adjusting the timing of regions in Logic Pro. Improve your accuracy and enhance your workflow all at once!

Locate To Position

Speed up your workflow by learning this useful shortcut for quickly jumping around the timeline in your Logic Pro projects.

Browsing The Library

Use the library to quickly navigate through channel strip settings for many types of tracks. See your latest workflow enhancement in action.

Merging MIDI Regions

Learn how to speed up your workflow by quickly merging MIDI regions together in the Arrange window of Logic Pro.