Time Saving Channel Strip Tips

Learn how to save valuable creative time by mastering these channel strip and audio unit preset tips.

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8 thoughts on “Time Saving Channel Strip Tips

  1. How do you get your 3rd party presets to show up in the Library? Thanks

  2. Oops, looks like I should have keep viewing the video. I think it answers my question. Great tutorials Graham

  3. Well, you made that easy for me. 🙂

  4. Hi Graham, It’s Dan again and I hope I am not stressing you with my questions.
    The Ultrabit tutorials are great and I start to use it much more but, I have a problem: I didn’t find out how can I record and actually “Write” the hole drum for my song. Cause the Ultrabit goes on and on on the same patern you write, with no changes and the song have Intro – Part a – Part b – …a bridge maybe, all with variations of drum beats, so what shell I do to be able to record different beats in the same piece? I am thinking logic:)al thou that I have to put different beats on different channels and play them for the certain amount of time that I need but I’m not quite sure about that. Can you please help me with this matter?
    Thanks a lot and keep it up, you doing great job.
    P.S. I have sent you a part of one of my songs on “soundcloud” and please I would like to here some comments if you have time. And I want to here the bad parts.
    Once again, thanks and cheers.

    1. You can drag patterns from the step sequencer onto the arrange window. You can also control the patterns with MIDI notes. Check page 600+/- of the Logic Studio Instruments and Effects manual. I’ll be sure to include some tutorials on how in the future.

      I’ll definitely check your music out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Graham, Fantastic job THANK YOU..
    When saving audio unit preset, you say go to User,Libary Logic,Audio, Presets.
    When i save it wants to take it through,User,Lib,Apps Supp,Logic,Pludin Settings.
    This seems to be the only way to see it in the Libary, as i experimented on saving in Presets but cant find it…
    Can you help…

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking. But there’s a few different paths you can use. I cover this in major detail here: A Thorough Look At Audio Unit Presets and Channel Strip Settings

  6. […] computer, and how to find them in Logic Pro.Watch on Viddler or Vimeo.Previously discussed here: Time Saving Channel Strip Tips [Premium] A Thorough Look At Audio Unit Presets and Channel Strip Settings [Logic Studio Minute] […]

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