Logic Pro Mixing Part 3 – Using Effects Through I/O Labels

Logic Pro Mixing Part 3 - Using Effects Through IO Labels

In part 3 of the Logic Pro Mixing tutorial, you’ll learn about using effects, insert effects, send effects, controlling signal flow, using aux channels, output channel strips, surround panning, binaural panning, MIDI channel strips, channel strip settings, mixer views, mixer track notes, I/O labels, and much more.

Mixing Cheat Sheet – Must Have

Mixing Cheat Sheet

The Secrets to Great Sounding Mixes Revealed! Free video, template, and cheat sheet shows you how to get punchy, exciting, professional, and loud mixes fast!

The Logical Drummer

Now you can discover how to program realistic drums and put some life into your music!

Logic Pro Vocoder Basics Part 2

This segment of the Vocoder Basics tutorial will explain how to setup and use the vocoder with a vocal input source. Learn more about how the vocoder actually works and how you can adjust settings to accommodate vocal input.

Logic Pro Vocoder Basics Part 1

Covers setup/routing for LP8’s vocoder instrument. You will also learn the basic functions of the vocoder’s synthesizer section.