Top-Secret Analog Tape Saturation Effect

We need to keep this tip on the down low. There's an undocumented feature that will bring the warmth of analog tape saturation to your mixes in Logic Pro.

15 thoughts on “Top-Secret Analog Tape Saturation Effect

  1. Fantastic tip thankyou so much gonna try it on a buss for some live drums

    Peace n Rock n Roll

  2. Glad you like it! I’ve been using this on everything lately.

  3. Great tip! Many thanks.

  4. Yes, thanks very much. I do have Vintage Warmer which I like but this sounds great and makes a nice addition to the Logic Pro options.

  5. Hello! I’m relatively new to this site. I see that there are lots of video tutorials and just don’t know where to start. For a person who has no experience with Logic Pro, do you have any suggestions about where to start and what sequence to go with? Thanks a lot!

  6. WooHoo!

  7. Very cool!

  8. excellent tip thanks!

  9. Love this! I (by accident) stumbled upon this also. Once i noticed the 0.0ms delay feature… and the distortion level… First thing i mated this too was a 606 kit i had on the Akai S5000. Bass lines, and really sweet for industrial sounding vocals

    Thank you so much for sharing this, many musicians would keep it secret (I sure would!)
    The tape delays are wonderful in Logic 9. If you remember Jammy and those boys back in the delay days… Within Logic alone you can also nearly perfectly simulate the original dub bass lines and such also. Map up a control surface (iControl is great) for your tape delays and you can do some kazy stuff and SOUND like you are analogue, in the studio, back in Jamaica, 1970s!

    If you patch a simple bass line through this delay, then through real tape delays (>0ms) and turn on track automation, triggering multiple delay plugins at different times WATCH OUT! It will sound so hot it will burn a hole right through your mac, man!

    Great tutorial!

  10. It sure does make the loop sound good, I’m gonna practice it and see if I can get it to save the o ms…. Great tip bro.

  11. Will this work on Sound Track Pro as well. Also how do I export the preset so I can import it to Soundtrack pro? Thanks great tip.

    1. Presets are shared between Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro. Just save the preset in Logic and it’ll show up in Soundtrack Pro if you choose the same effect.

  12. I dont know how to even pull up the tape sat menu where are you clicking to access plugins its cut off on the screen and I dont have any added plugins so how do i get to the tape sat menu?

  13. If you save as a Channel Strip, it will keep the 0ms setting.

  14. A couple of other nice sources of saturation in Logic:

    Overdrive is really good – turn the bias almost all the way up so you don’t lose top end and take the drive down to about 3db….gives a nice warm sounding saturation to synths, vocals, etc.

    For drums….I prefer using a compressor on FET Drums setting….gives a big crunchy live drum sound….but open up the extended parameters and you’ll see a mix slider….so you can dial in just enough of this effect. I like this better than the Tape Delay method.

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