Ultrabeat Step Mode Shortcut

Step mode allows you to automate Ultrabeat’s parameters. Learn a shortcut to toggle between Ultrabeat’s step mode and voice mode so you can make changes to your drum sounds once automation has been engaged.

Media Library Tips

Some clarification on channel strip settings, audio unit presets, and how they’re displayed in the media library.

Time Saving Template Tips

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a cool time-saving trick for your Logic Studio Templates.

Creating Markers

Here’s a tip for quickly and easily creating and naming markers throughout your Logic Pro projects. Never disrupt your workflow again!

Nudging Regions

Learn shortcuts for quickly adjusting the timing of regions in Logic Pro. Improve your accuracy and enhance your workflow all at once!

Naming Tracks

A tip for quickly naming multiple tracks. This will help you to quickly complete this menial task so you can focus on the rest of your project workflow.