Ultrabeat Side Chain Part 2

Part 2 of our Ultrabeat Side Chain tutorial. Learn how to bus tracks into Ultrabeat's Side Chain for processing, step programming, automation, and how to route voices to separate mixer tracks. Part 1 is here: Ultrabeat Side Chain Part 1.

5 thoughts on “Ultrabeat Side Chain Part 2

  1. I luv the ultrabeat side chain video, my favorite so far. Learned something new, thanx:)

    1. You’re welcome. Lots of creative stuff you can do with Ultrabeat.

  2. Graham,
    These Side Chain tutorials opened my eyes to great possibilities! I was searching the web for how to use the Audio Input feature in Albino 3 and came across this. Wonderful- thanks! — Keep em coming

    1. Great! Glad you liked it. It’s going to be a great 2010 on the site!

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